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No. 1 Guide To Best Aerial For Smart Tv In Kenya

No. 1 Guide To Best Aerial For Smart Tv In Kenya

Last updated on October 18th, 2023 at 01:38 pm

Are you looking for the best aerial for smart TV in Kenya?

If you’re wondering what aerial you need for your new smart TV, then this is the article for you! 

We’ll take a look at the different types of antennas and how they might work with your setup. 

Do I need an aerial for a Smart TV in Kenya?

Yes! You need an aerial for a smart TV in Kenya if you wish to watch Freeview and digital TV at the best possible quality.

Having a wideband receiver gives you a chance to receive all TV channels in Kenya that are within range, not just limited to a certain selection.

Yes, in most cases you do need some kind of aerial (also known as an antenna) connected to a smart TV in order to receive over-the-air TV channels. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Smart TVs require both an internet connection and an aerial to work fully. The aerial is needed for live broadcast TV while the internet connection enables all the smart features and streaming apps.
  • You have two main aerial options – a roof/attic mounted outdoor aerial or a simple indoor aerial placed near the TV. Outdoor aerials give stronger and more reliable reception.
  • Indoor aerials will work with smart TVs but performance depends on your distance from TV broadcast towers. The closer you are, the better reception will be.
  • Positioning of the indoor aerial is important. Try different locations and orientations to optimize channel reception.
  • If some channels are glitchy from the indoor aerial, you can supplement them by adding streaming apps to watch those channels over the internet instead.
  • An amplifier can boost weak signals received by the indoor aerial and improve picture quality.

So in summary, while a smart TV still needs a traditional aerial, you have options like indoor antennas and streaming to create a great viewing experience without needing an outdoor aerial in all cases. But some type of aerial is required to receive broadcast TV channels for free.

What Aerial do I need for a smart TV in Kenya?: types of TV aerials

The type of antenna you use will depend on the strength and quality of your signal, so it’s best to try out a few different types of aerial before making a decision. 

There are three main TV aerial types in Kenya: indoor, outdoor, or satellite dish. 

1). Indoor antennas

Indoor antennas are better suited to smaller rooms and flat surfaces like walls and windows but can be used in most cases as long as there is a clear line of sight from the antenna to the transmitter. 

Who needs an indoor TV antenna in Kenya?

If you don’t have access to cable or satellite and are located in the range of broadcast towers, then getting an indoor TV antenna may help improve reception quality for digital channels.  

If you live more than 20 miles away from broadcast towers, it’s unlikely this setup will provide any improvement. 

In addition, some low-power stations such as PBS aren’t able to reach remote areas at all – even after using an indoor television antenna.

Pros of Using indoor TV Aerial in Kenya

Indoor tv antenna is a low-cost, high-performance alternative to cable or satellite.

At the same time, an aerial for your smart TV in Kenya will provide you with access to all the channels and services that are available on broadcast television in your area.

In fact, an antenna is a great way to get free over-the-air TV channels in Kenya without having to pay for cable or satellite service.


Because they are located inside, there will always be some level of interference.

2). Outdoor antennas

Outdoor antennas in Kenya provide more range than an indoor option. 

They are usually mounted on buildings or put up on walls outside of the house for optimum reception and weatherproofing against heavy winds. 

Additionally, Outdoor TV aerials come in different shapes and sizes but most people find themselves using tripod stand type outdoor antennas because they’re low profile (but still quite powerful). 

Pros of using outdoor TV aerials in Kenya

Outside TV antennas are generally more powerful than indoor TVs. 

This is because the signal has to travel through a much smaller distance, making it stronger. 

Outdoor antennas also allow access to many different channels and programs that you might not otherwise get with an indoor antenna.

This means that if your home isn’t located in a densely populated area where there’s no reception of any kind, then getting outside TV signals will provide better quality pictures for less money spent on cable or satellite television providers.

Cons of outdoor TV aerial in Kenya

On the downside, outdoor televisions can be affected by weather conditions such as rainstorms or extreme heat spells.

Such conditions may reduce their effectiveness when used without some type of sheltering device like an overhang from another building or porch roof.

3). Satellite dishes

The TV satellite dish is a piece of hardware that can be installed on top of houses or buildings. 

It consists of one part that stands vertically and another flat circular disc-shaped side that rotates around the vertical shaft to receive signals from satellites.

Satellite dishes have a high range but also require installation, usually on top of your house.

A satellite dish is a name given to a television receiver in which signals are collected from an artificial, orbiting satellite.

Dish antenna in Kenya captures radio waves and converts them back into electromagnetic waves for reception by televisions or other receivers on Earth.

Pros of using TV satellite dishes in Kenya

Firstly, it is not an ugly thing to have on the roof or outside wall. 

Secondly, they can be installed and adjusted without any fuss, unlike indoor aerials which need a qualified person to install them correctly. 

Thirdly, you do not have to worry about where you live in relation to terrestrial transmitters anymore – so long as there is a clear line of sight between the dish and the transmitter then it will work well anywhere!


There are a few downsides to using a TV satellite dish in Kenya.

The cost of the equipment and installation can be expensive, it takes up space on your roof or ground outside that could otherwise be used for solar panels. 

It is difficult to change channels without going into menus, so you may need patience when trying to find what you want to watch. 

Finally, if you use the dish for TV and the Internet, it can be difficult to watch things like Netflix because of high-speed data limits.

The good news is that a satellite TV system will give you access to over 300 channels including local broadcasts, which means there’s usually something worth watching!

In most cases though, people use indoor antennas for their smart TVs in Kenya.

They are small with little power but they provide great service if there is no obstruction such as buildings nearby (which would block the signal). 

Larger outdoor antennas pick up much more powerful signals but require installation on your roof unless you want them out in plain sight as some houses have theirs.

If you are looking to keep your viewing habits discreet then it would be best to use an indoor antenna.

What to consider when choosing a TV aerial in Kenya?

An antenna is the most basic piece of equipment needed to pick up TV programming. 

Depending on your needs, there are a few things to consider when choosing an aerial: 

a). Is it for inside or outside use? 

An indoor option will be cheaper and easier to install but you’ll have to get closer (within 25 miles) to transmitters in order to receive signals. 

If you need something stronger like an outdoor one, this may require professional installation. 

There’s also a variety of different options – from flat antennas that sit on top of TVs or walls, through large satellite dishes, and even roof-mounted ones! 

They all work differently so considering what your home layout is can help make sure you select the best aerial for your needs.

b). What channel do you want to receive? 

If there is a particular TV station or set of channels that are important to you, make sure the aerial is able to pick up those signals! 

There might be more than one option in your area so it can be helpful picking an antenna where you know which stations will work with it. 

c). Is it indoors or outdoors? 

This will affect how much room and installation time may cost. 

Indoor options tend to be cheaper and easier but if space isn’t limited then consider installing an exterior aerial as this offers better coverage (and investment).

d). Do I need HDTV services too? 

A digital tuner box such as TiVo or Sky+HD allows access to HDTV channels like BBC HD and Sky Movies.

e). Do I need more than one TV aerial in Kenya?

If you are looking to receive digital TV, radio stations, or satellite services then it will be necessary to install an outdoor antenna (or multiple indoor ones). 

f). Will the aerial affect my view of the sky at night? 

A high gain exterior antenna is less likely to interfere with your nighttime stargazing activities!

So what is your TV most often receiving signals from? 

Are there any transmitters nearby that are close enough for an indoor option or do you need something stronger like an outdoor one? 

Is the transmitter connected by wire (coaxial cable) or does it broadcast via radio waves? 

The answer to these questions should give you some idea about which type of aerial would suit your needs best. 

What other factors might come into play when choosing between antennas such as cost, installation requirements, and compatibility with certain TVs – we’ve got them covered too!


When deciding which aerial you need for a smart TV in Kenya make sure that they are compatible with each other. 

For example;

If you order an external HDTV Antenna there should also be space on your roof for installation as well as access points available in urban areas so that signal can reach different locations. 

This means not only will you be able to receive more channels but further distances as well.

For a smart TV that is not used for other purposes, an indoor antenna or OTA converter will suffice. 

If you’re looking to keep your viewing habits discreet then it would pay off to invest in an outdoor aerial like the Mohu Leaf 50 Antenna which is designed with smaller antennas that are less obtrusive and have lower gain so they don’t interfere with nighttime stargazing activities!

Best Aerial For Smart Tv In Kenya

Here are the best aerials for smart TVs in Kenya;

1). Outdoor Digital TV Aerial Antenna

Outdoor Digital TV Aerial Antenna

Key features;

  • Strong Lightweight Aluminum build
  • Strong and wide frequency band
  • Easy DIY install
  • 10 meters long coaxial cable included
  • Extra connectors for TV
  • Compatible with Digital TV, HDTV, Smart TV, All Decoders
  • Compatible with DVBT2, DVBT, ISDBT,  ATSC

This outdoor aerial is going for KSh 650 on Jumia.

2).  Indoor Digital TV Antenna HD Signal For HDTV

Indoor Digital TV Antenna HD Signal For HDTV

This indoor TV antenna in Kenya is as light as a feather, and it allows you to place it anywhere without affecting the interior.

It receives signals from as far as 30 miles and uses an F head with IEC adapter connectors.

Supports HD / UHF / FM, HDTV 1080P, 1080i, as well as 720P.

This flat indoor smart TV aerial in Kenya has a UHF Frequency range of 470-860 MHz and comes with an inbuilt amplifier.

Other features include;

  • Linear polarization
  • 75 Ohms Impedance
  • Full Band DTV/VHF/UHF Receiver

This indoor tv antenna is going for KSh 649 on Jumia.

3). High Definition Digital TV Indoor Aerial Receiver

High Definition Digital TV Indoor Aerial Receiver

If you are looking for an HDTV indoor aerial in Kenya, this is it.

This antenna can receive signals from up to 50 miles away from stations.

It is flat, comes with stickers to hang it and doesn’t take up a lot of room, and does not fall down.

  • Support 1080p
  • 100 miles range
  • Coaxial Cable of 4M length
  • F Male Connector Type

You can get this HDTV indoor antenna for KSh 1,199 on Jumia Kenya.

4). 30dBi Digital TV Antenna Aerial + TV Signal Booster in Kenya

30dBi Digital TV Antenna Aerial + TV Signal Booster in Kenya

This digital TV antenna in Kenya accepts all types of TV converter boxes and digital televisions or 4K UHD TVs.

It let your device receive digital VHF and UHF television signals for free national television programs and local programs.

Comes with an in-built amplifier, which improves sensitivity and reduces SNR better than the traditional passive antenna, earning you strong signals.

Its magnetic base makes placing it very portable and stable. as well as allows it to be conveniently relocated to obtain more channels.

Summary Features;

  • Product Name: 30 dBi High Gain Digital Signal Antenna
  • Application: TVs, Set-top Boxes, Radios, etc
  • Function: Signal Boosting
  • Frequency Range: VHF 174 – 230 UHF 470 – 862 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 1000 MHz
  • Gain: 30 dBi
  • Reception Range: 30-50 miles
  • Weight: 275 grams
  • Cable Length: 3 Meters
  • Mounting Type: Magnetic Base
  • Input Impedance: 75 (Ω)

This indoor antenna price in Kenya is KSh 1,222 on Jumia.

5). HDTV Indoor Aerial Receiver with Signal Amplifier in Kenya

HDTV Indoor Aerial Receiver with Signal Amplifier in Kenya

HDTV digital indoor antenna has a 60-120 miles range.

Comes with inbuilt the newest amplifier TV signal booster in Kenya and supports 4K.

Working FrequencyVHF (170-240Mhz) / UHF( 470-860Mhz)
Impedance75 Ω
LNA Gain30 dB
Reception Range120 miles (Max)
Compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p/ ATSC

HDTV indoor antenna price in Kenya is KSh 1,150 on Jumia

Best Aerial For Digital TV in Kenya

I’m a big fan of getting high-def signals but don’t want to spend my money on satellite. 

After a while, the cost can really add up with cable and you’re stuck with those channels. With an outdoor antenna, I get all the HD content that’s available without having to pay anything more than what I’m already paying each month! Of course, there are plenty of different antennas out there – so which one is best? There are two types: rooftop or attic mounted. If possible, it’s best to go with a roof-mounted antenna but if you don’t have space, then an attic mounted is your next best option.

An indoor TV antenna for digital signals can be better than nothing at all and they’re usually just over 5K.

Since I put up my own rooftop unit, I’ve been getting really good reception from stations that are more than 20 miles away! 

One downside is that when it rains heavily, it’s hard to get a signal. 

But before installing one of these antennas in an area like Nairobi where rain actually happens often – make sure there isn’t anything blocking the line of sight between broadcasting towers and your location!

Tv Aerial Price In Kenya

Let us look at TV aerial price in Kenya. There are different types of TVs in Kenya and all require specified TV aerial.

a). GO TV aerial price in Kenya

There are online shops you can get GOTV aerial in Kenya, but they all have different prices.

Here is a table showing GO TV aerial price in Kenya

Where To Get ItPrice

The reason why GOTV aerial price on Jiji Kenya varies is that it is from different sellers.

Let us look at a different TV aerial price in Kenya.

b). StarTimes aerial price Kenya

best startimes aerial in kenya

Phelistar Aerial Antenna is the best StarTimes aerial in Kenya.

This high gain outdoor directional antenna is designed to receive UHF signals for digital and HD televisions. 

Multi prong, long boom design provides a tight pickup pattern with increased gain, in minimal vertical space. 

This ensures that you receive a clear signal that results in a crisp-clear image thus enjoying every TV moment.

StarTimes aerial price in Kenya is KSh 949 on Jumia. 

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