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Is It Smart To Buy A Smart Tv In Kenya? [Unpopular Opinion]

Is It Smart To Buy A Smart Tv In Kenya? [Unpopular Opinion]

Last updated on August 7th, 2022 at 04:20 am

I am asking the question, Is it smart to buy a smart TV in Kenya?

Well, the answer seems pretty simple since Smart TVs happen to be the latest technology with built-in intelligence.

But, do we want the technology built into our TVs?

About a decade ago, we started to see flat-panel televisions take over the TV market replacing the projection screens and cathode ray tubes.

old crt tvs in kenya

We have gotten used to them for 50 years now.

It is nearly impossible to find a TV that is not a flat panel.

flatscreen tvs in Kenya Buy A Smart Tv In Kenya

So once televisions start coming with apps and Wi-Fi connections making them Smart TVs, many of us figured the exact same thing; this will be the new norm.

All TVs will be Smart TVs Within the next decade.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Smart Tv in Kenya

Well, while that still might be true, there seems to be a big need for improvement in this category today.

We are going to go through some of the pros and cons of buying a Smart TV to help you decide what is your best move.

Pros of buying a smart TV in Kenya

The decision isn’t really should I have a smart TV in Kenya or not Smart TV.

The question is should I buy a Smart TV or a non-Smart TV along with an over-the-top box like a Roku TV, Kindle Fire TV, or Chromecast.

streaming tv box in Kenya

Any of these gives you access to streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

And while Smart TVs in Kenya are more expensive than regular TVs, the price difference can go toward buying the newest Roku or something similar.

So that’s negligible.

While Smart TVs usually have some games and social media apps free to enjoy, most people have all that stuff on their smartphones already, which is never further away than an arm’s reach.

Plus, typing through a remote control onto a TV is just cumbersome.

For this reason, the major pro for buying a smart TV in Kenya is that you don’t need an extra remote and you can mount your TV on the wall without needing to make space for a small streaming box.

When you think about it, this makes more sense for a bedroom or office setting since our home theaters usually already have a lot of other things connected to it, so one more won’t hurt.

The biggest problem with smart TVs in Kenya

Now, one of the biggest problems with Smart TVs in Kenya is that they are designed and built by TV manufacturers like Panasonic, LG, and Sony.

Question is;

When was the last time you bought a computer or streaming device from one of these guys?

Short answer; never.

So, great TVs are built by great TV people.

And great streaming devices are built by people whose only business is to make streaming movies and TV shows a better experience.

What is the smart thing to do?

Buying a smart TV for your home theater might not be the best idea.

Get the best TV you can buy without Wi-Fi access and apps, and then you use the money left over to buy a good over-the-top streaming box like Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Then in a few years when your streaming box is out of date or it needs an upgrade, you can do so without being forced to buy a whole new television.

You will still come on the head money-wise, still have a TV the size you want at the cost you want, plus you will still have the best streaming technology at your fingertips over the course of the five or ten years you plan on using your new TV.

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