Smart TV FAQs Answers

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Last Updated on June 17, 2021 by Smart Editor

In this article, we are answering the most common questions (FAQ) about smart TVs.

What is a smart TV?

A Smart TV is any television with built-in support for internet connectivity. It can access not only traditional broadcast and cable channels, but also video streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix. 

These TVs have either an integrated web browser to surf the internet directly on your TV screen, or they connect wirelessly to another device (such as iPhone) that has a more advanced browser like Chrome installed. 

Is Netflix Free On Smart TV?

Netflix is not available on all smart TVs. Some manufacturers offer their own Netflix service, but the selection of content varies by TV manufacturer and it may be more expensive to use than just using your computer or mobile device for streaming. 

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For instance, LG offers a free year of its own proprietary service from which you can watch movies and shows in 1080p HD quality with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound when connected via HDMI cable

However other brands such as Samsung charge $14.99 per month for access to only some of their content offerings that are accessible through apps whether they’re streamed over Wi-Fi or tethered to an internet connection provided by the TV itself (e.g., Tivo).

Is An Internet Connection Needed to us Smart TV?

Yes. A broadband connection is needed for Smart TV usage and it should be the fastest available to achieve optimum performance. If you’re streaming over Wi-Fi, a strong signal will help reduce buffering time as well as ensure that video quality isn’t degraded by overloading your wireless bandwidth with multimedia files from other devices in range of the router such as laptops or smartphones simultaneously utilizing its resources. 

It’s also possible that if there are interferences in your home network (e.g., interference caused by cordless phones) then those may cause issues when attempting to stream content on a smart TV.

So consider installing another access point near where you plan to use the set-top box if this is an issue

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However keep in mind that this may not be feasible in all cases.

What is a set-top box?

A set-top box is an electronic device that allows you to watch TV and browse the Internet at the same time on your television screen. 

These devices are typically plugged into a high-speed internet connection (such as DSL, cable, or fiber optic).

And can act as both a modem for connecting other TVs/video game consoles with wired connections to this wireless network.

Also acts as an intermediary between these connected devices by providing them access to its own internal storage media where content such as video streaming services are stored.

Can I Use Android TV Without Internet?

If you have Android TV but do not have any kind of broadband service installed in your home, then there’s no way for it to connects directly with the outside world, no matter what WiFi router or USB adapter you use! 

This is because Android TV is only capable of connecting to the internet via a wired connection, such as an ethernet cable or USB hard drive.

If your television has both HDMI and composite inputs, then you can use any device that outputs an analog signal on the other input with this one. 

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However, if it only has HDMI ports, then you will need to purchase either an adapter for older TVs (such as VGA) or newer televisions which have a digital port called ARC or Audio Return Channel. 

This type of connector allows the sound from non-HDMI sources like gaming consoles to be sent back through the same wire used by video signals so it can connect directly with its intended destination without needing another cable.

Can I Install Apps In Smart TV?

Yes. You can install apps in smart TV. The number of apps available for smart TVs varies, but some popular options are Netflix and YouTube. Smart TV’s also come with an app store that lets you download more free or paid software to your set.

Do Smart TVs Use A Lot Of Internet?

No. A lot of smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, which means you don’t need a separate internet service to use the TV’s features.

Does Smart TV Have Built In-Camera?

It depends on the brand and model of your particular smart TV but they do not come with cameras installed by default. You’ll either need to buy one separately or make sure that it has prebuilt hardware for connecting external devices such as USB webcams for video conferencing purposes.

Can I Watch My Cable On A Smart TV? 

Yes! All major cable providers will have their own app available in some form whether through an actual dedicated channel guide called “TV Everywhere” from companies like Comcast or Time Warner or through a streaming service such as HBO GO, which is available to cable customers.

How Do I Turn On My Smart TV?

Different TVs have different requirements for getting started but in general: just follow the on-screen instructions that come with your smart TV setup process and it should walk you right through everything. The first thing you’ll need to do when turning on your new device – whether it’s a laptop or an HDTV – is finding a good spot for it to live in!

What Kind Of Inputs Does A Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Television Have?

Most brands of modern televisions will have HDMI inputs so if all your devices are plugged into external displays then you won’t be able to use them with this type of TV.

How Do I Turn Off My Smart TV?

To turn off your smart television, simply unplug the power cord or switch it to standby mode. If you have a remote control that came with your device then use that to turn it off as well!

What is The Best Brand For A Smart HDTV?

You’ll want to do some research on different brands and models before making a purchase decision but LG is one of the most popular brands for both TVs in general and their line of smart TVs in particular. 

Does Smart TV Have Inbuilt Decoder?

Yes, if you’re in a country that supports this functionality then TVs usually come with an integrated decoder built into the device. The decoders work by receiving audio/video signals sent from external sources such as gaming consoles or set-top boxes and converting them to be viewable on the screen. 

What Can I Do With My TV Remote Control?

TV remote controls have many different functions. You can change channels, adjust the volume of your television and control certain aspects of your smart TV as well! 

What Do I Need To Watch Local Channels?

Smart TVs will come with a set of preinstalled apps that allow users to watch TV through their devices, so if you have the option then try using one of these first before investing in other hardware. 

Depending on your location and what region’s channels are available, this list includes popular options like BBC iPlayer or ABC iview for Australia. 

However, some countries may require more equipment such as satellite dishes which can be connected via HDMI ports on the backside of most smart TVs nowadays. 

If none of those work then go ahead and connect an external receiver box that is compatible with HD resolutions at 60 frames per second (fps). 

How Is A Smart TV Connected To A TV?

You can connect a smart TV to any existing HDTV with an HDMI input. 

What If My Smart TV Isn’t Connecting To The Internet?

If you are connecting your device wirelessly, try turning off the connection and then reconnecting using an Ethernet or powerline adapter instead of Wi-Fi. Be sure both devices are on the same network for this step! 

Can I Watch Netflix Without An Internet Connection?

Netflix requires internet connectivity at all times in order to stream content through their service which means that if you cut off access from one end, it will not work. You may still be able to watch offline movies but anything new needs an online connection first

How Do I Connect My Smart TV To Wi-Fi?

Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on and that you’re in range of the right network; then select “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi” from the list of connections to connect to a wireless signal. 

Can I Stream Web Pages From A Browser On The TV Screen?

Yes! Your device can do this because it has access to all internet pages which means you’ll be able to view webpages just like any other content across different applications/sites.

What Are Some Of The Best Apps For Watching Movies And Shows Via Streaming Services Like Netflix Or Hulu?

Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are good places to start. 

Can I View My Photos And Videos From The Internet?

Yes, but they need to be hosted on a public site like YouTube or Vimeo before you can access them from the TV’s browser.

Do Smart TVs Have A Keyboard?

Smart TVs typically have an on-screen keyboard for text input that appears when typing is required. You will also find voice search and dictation options which could result in faster and more accurate inputs depending the accuracy of your speech recognition software. 

It’s important to note here that not all “smart” features apply across brands.

Some manufacturers might offer only certain applications while others may not include any at all. There are many different models available so it pays to compare manufacturers to see what’s best for you.

What Does “Internet-Ready” Mean?

When TV manufacturers label a television as “internet ready,” they are referring to the ability of the set and its accompanying remote control, which can access live content like streaming video or YouTube clips without any additional peripheral devices. 

All sets with built-in Wi-Fi provide this feature; however, not all include an Internet browser for accessing other sites from your couch (although some do). 

The term is often used interchangeably with smart TVs but it technically refers only to their connectivity capability.

Do I Need Anything Else To Connect My Smart TV?

You will need either a wireless router or Ethernet cable in order not be limited by range when connecting wirelessly to the TV. For Ethernet connections, you will need an input on your television to plug in a cable like HDMI or USB if provided and then connect that output wire from router/modem directly to the back of the set.

How Do I Connect My Smart TV To The Internet?

You can go into Settings > Network > Wired Connection Guide 

What Is A Wireless Router And Why Might I Need One?

A wireless router is a device that allows wired network access for many devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets over Wi-Fi (a type of data transmission). It has two jacks: one going out to your internet service provider through coaxial cables or fiber optics; another connecting with other routers which become part of its “network.”

What Is The Difference Between An Ethernet And A Wireless Connection?

The difference between an ethernet connection and a wireless connection is speed. Wired connections are faster than wireless ones because they don’t have as much interference from the environment around them when transmitting information.  

Can You Watch Shows On Your Smart TV Without Internet Connectivity?

You can watch downloaded content or shows that you have saved on an external drive. You will need to connect this device via USB, HDMI, or a shared network connection (Ethernet).  

How Do I Transfer Files To My External Drive And From It To My Smart TV?

To transfer files from your computer to the external hard drive: plug in the hard drive and open it up as if it is another storage location for your PC. Drag-and-drop any desired file into its window; wait until it transfers before unplugging the device. Please note that this data transfer process will not work with audio formats other than MPO/MPEG Layer III (*.mpg; *.mpeg;).

LG* G-Series/E Series TVs will need an app like Plex installed first before any content can be transferred over. This is available in Google Play Store if you have access to it (if not refer back to Step One), then drag-and-drop videos into its window as described above; wait until they are fully uploaded before unplugging the device. Otherwise, select “Files” > “Play Files From Device” once connected via USB. 

Samsung* TVs will need a software update before being able to view any videos. Go into the menu and select “Settings” > “About TV”; on some older models you’ll find this in Settings > General, then go down to Software Update where if available it should be installed immediately with an internet connection connected (if not refer back to Step One).

Sony* TVs can be played from their respective Media Player app; import your desired video files using the Files tab at the top of its window, then press play on each one individually or by selecting all simultaneously via Ctrl+A. This is also found under Home as usual for most functions including playback.

Can Smart TV Play Games?

All of the major manufacturers offer some form of gaming on their sets. Sony offers PlayStation Now streaming and a handful of other games while LG, Samsung, Vizio, and others provide various apps to play both offline and online in order to keep your eyes entertained when there’s not anything else for them to do so long as you have an internet connection available.

How to Play Games on My TV

For those who want to play games on their set without buying another console, you’ll need either a PlayStation Now subscription for Sony sets or free game apps from your manufacturer’s Apps Store.

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