LG vs Vizio TVs: Which Brand Makes Better Smart TVs?

LG vs Vizio TVs: Which Brand Makes Better Smart TVs?

Which is better LG or Vizio?

When shopping for a new smart TV, LG and Vizio stand out as two of the most popular options.

But which brand ultimately produces better TVs? This in-depth brand comparison examines key factors like picture quality, smart features, design, sound and value to determine if LG or Vizio comes out on top.

Overview of LG and Vizio

First, let’s provide a quick overview of LG and Vizio and their TV product lines:


Which is better LG or Vizio?
  • International electronics company founded in 1958
  • Massive global presence and product portfolio
  • Major player in the smart TV space
  • Range of LCD and industry-leading OLED TVs
  • webOS smart platform with AI ThinQ integration
  • Premium styling and innovative designs
  • Brand has reputation for quality and innovation


Which is better LG or Vizio?
  • American company founded in 2002
  • Focused on budget-tier smart TVs
  • Range of LED LCD and new OLED models
  • SmartCast smart platform
  • Aims to deliver premium features at lower prices
  • Simple, minimalist design aesthetic
  • Strong value positioning but lacks prestige of LG

LG sits at the higher end as an elite brand while Vizio competes as a value-driven alternative.

But does LG’s more premium status translate into a superior viewing experience?

Picture Quality Comparison

The most vital element for any television is picture quality. Here’s how LG and Vizio TVs stack up:

  • LCD models – Vizio competes well on LCD picture quality for the price, but LG Nanocell TVs beat them for color accuracy, contrast, and viewing angles.
  • OLED models – LG is the leader in OLED TV technology. Their OLED sets deliver far superior black levels, contrast, and color performance compared to Vizio’s more affordable and limited OLED lineup.
  • Brightness – LG’s newer LCD and OLED panels can hit higher peak brightness levels, especially in HDR content. Vizio has improved but still trails.
  • Motion handling – LG also has better motion processing, resulting in less blur in action scenes compared to more judder on Vizio models.
  • HDR support – LG TVs support advanced Dolby Vision HDR in addition to standard HDR10/HLG formats. Most Vizio TVs lack Dolby Vision.

Winner: LG – Thanks to innovative display technologies like OLED and advanced processing, LG TVs deliver a noticeably better overall picture quality.

Smart TV Features Comparison

Beyond display tech, the smart TV experience is now also critical. Here’s how the LG and Vizio smart platforms compare:

  • Interface – LG’s webOS platform has a more polished, sophisticated interface vs the more basic Vizio SmartCast platform.
  • Speed and responsiveness – Both have snappy processors and perform well, though LG’s webOS has a bit quicker navigation.
  • App selection – LG and Vizio offer all the major streaming apps and fairly comparable total app libraries.
  • Search and discovery – Finding content is easier on LG webOS. Vizio has improved discovery features but LG’s platform is more advanced.
  • Smart home compatibility – LG TVs integrate with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa ecosystems. Vizio dropped Alexa support in 2022.
  • Advertisements – Vizio shows more on-screen ads than LG smart TVs, which frustrates some users.

Winner: LG – With a more refined interface, smarter cross-device integration, and fewer ads, LG’s webOS platform is superior for smart TV features and usability.

Design Comparison

A TV’s design influences both aesthetics and functionality. Here’s how the LG and Vizio sets compare on the design front:

  • Build quality – LG uses higher quality plastics and metals for a more premium construction. Vizio relies on cheaper materials to cut costs.
  • Bezel size – Both brands offer ultra thin bezels, but LG pulls off the tightest screen borders for incredibly immersive viewing.
  • Stand design – LG stands allow for cable management and have premium finishes. Vizio stands are basic and purely functional.
  • Wall mounting – Almost all sets from both brands use industry standard VESA mounts. Easier to get flush fit with Vizio’s thicker panels.
  • Styling – LG sets have sleeker, more high-tech styling compared to Vizio’s more basic plasticky aesthetic.

Winner: LG – With tighter panel gaps, hidden cable routing, and a focus on premium materials, LG TVs clearly win for superior design and styling.

Audio Comparison

TV speakers are important for casual viewing without external sound systems. How do audio capabilities compare?

  • Sound power – LG TVs generally output louder, fuller sound than Vizio models, especially on higher-end LG OLED sets.
  • Sound quality – LG also makes efforts to tune and optimize sound quality, giving their sets clearer vocals and richer bass. Vizio sound is thinner and more tinny.
  • Surround formats – Higher-end LG TVs support advanced Dolby Atmos surround sound for more immersive built-in audio. Most Vizio models lack this.
  • External expandability – Both work with soundbars, but LG TVs integrate better with LG’s own soundbars for a unified experience.

Winner: LG – With more powerful, better sounding speakers and Dolby Atmos support on premium models, LG takes the audio category by a significant margin.

Size and Price Comparison

Pricing and sizing options also affect brand perceptions. Here’s how LG and Vizio stack up:

  • Screen sizes – Both offer models from small 40-43” up to large 85”+ displays. LG goes bigger with massive 97” options, while Vizio tops out at 85”.
  • Price range – Vizio maintains a value advantage, with sets starting under $300. LG’s pricing starts higher but reaches ultra premium price points for large OLEDs that Vizio can’t match.
  • Budget models – Vizio competes better at lower price tiers. LG’s quality advantage emerges in middle price brackets and up.
  • Sales and deals – Both brands see frequent discounts, especially during holiday sales. Overall cost advantages depend on the deal.

Winner: Tie – Vizio caters better to budget buyers, but LG offers elite performance TVs for premium shoppers.

Different target audiences.

Verdict: LG vs Vizio

Based on this detailed comparison, LG is the clear winner as the superior TV brand:

  • LG TVs are unmatched in display technology, delivering far better picture quality, especially on OLED models.
  • LG’s smart TV platform and features are more refined and advanced.
  • Sleek, premium designs and better sound give LG sets a more high-end aesthetic.
  • LG provides a great premium option for buyers that want an elite, top-tier TV.

However, Vizio remains an excellent choice:

  • Vizio competes strongly on value, offering solid performance for more budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Nice alternative for secondary TVs and bedrooms where premium quality is less important.
  • Vizio’s improving technology narrows the gap with LG in lower price brackets.

In summary, LG is the superior brand but costs more. Vizio gives buyers great bang for their buck.

Understanding this positioning helps choose the brand that makes the most sense for your needs and budget.

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