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Samsung vs LG TVs in Kenya: Which One Is Better in 2023?

Samsung vs LG TVs in Kenya: Which One Is Better in  2023?

Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 04:08 pm

If you are considering Samsung vs LG TVs in Kenya, I hope this short guide will help shade some light.

Without wasting time let us get right to it, shall we?

Samsung has a lot more features, but they’re pricey. On the other hand, LG offers fewer features for an affordable price.

Samsung vs LG Tvs in Kenya: Range of TVs available

Samsung offers a wider range of models than LG does.

And with prices ranging from low to high whereas LG’s TV lineup is much narrower and only runs at just below $1000 as its highest point (the company doesn’t even offer any OLED or quantum dot displays). 

The most expensive model in the lineup is around $2000 while the cheapest one in Samsung’s lineup starts at about half that cost ($1200). 

Samsung vs LG Tvs in Kenya: Display quality

When it comes to display quality, Sony takes first place among these three manufacturers by far. 

All their screens have black levels so deep you’ll think you’re watching a movie in the theatre, while colors are supremely accurate. 

LG comes second with great contrast and a wide range of colors at an affordable price point. 

Samsung is third on this list as its screens have average performance when it comes to black levels and accuracy.

But they offer more features than their Korean counterpart (for example HDR).

Samsung vs LG Tvs in Kenya: Availability

Samsung offers TVs that come in every size from 32 inches all the way up to 85 inches whereas you can only find one TV in LG’s lineup bigger than 65″. 

Similarly, prices for these models differ significantly.

“Top tier” Sony TVs start at $2000+, Samsung starts at just over $1000. 

Where top tier LG displays cost about half that amount ($650) – which makes LG the better choice if you are looking for a TV under $1000.

Samsung vs LG Tvs in Kenya: Features

Samsung offers HDR, which improves viewing quality and makes colors more vibrant.

But it also has an awkward “auto-brightness” feature that can sometimes make the content look washed out or too dark. 

LG’s TVs offer both of these features in one package. So they’re your best bet when you want to save a few hundred dollars on something new.

Samsung vs LG Tvs in Kenya: Design

The sleek, minimalist look of Samsung’s TVs offers a modern aesthetic while LG has gone the traditional route with heavy metal and glass enclosures. 

With both companies offering smart features in most if not all of their sets on the market now, you’re likely going to be able to find something that suits your needs – no matter which one you go with.

Samsung vs LG TV: Benefits & Features

Both manufacturers offer stunning picture quality (Samsung is more high contrast ratio than its Korean counterpart) as well as HDR support for brighter colors

However, only one company offers this technology at higher price points (LG), so take that into consideration before making your final decision.

For today’s audiences, the most important thing to look for in a TV is how it displays motion. LG offers 120Hz refresh rates which provide smoother viewing and Samsung only has 60Hz.

The main difference between these two sets is their price points: while both manufacturers offer TVs at various prices, you’ll find that Samsung’s models tend to be more expensive than those manufactured by LG.

Samsung vs LG TVs in Kenya: Who should I choose to buy a TV from? 

If money is an issue, then go with the LG set because of their lower prices. 

But if your priority is having excellent picture quality and a variety of ‘smart’ features that these two brands offer-then get yourself a new Samsung! 

You need to compare what’s best for YOU depending on your needs/wants as well as budget. 

It’s important to determine which brand suits you best in order to make the right decision when buying! One thing they both share is affordability (due to the fact that they are both cheap brands).

Which Is The Best Tv Brand In Kenya?

My answer to this question is going to be the Samsung TV brand. The reason why I would recommend it as being one of the best in Kenya is that there are a lot of good reviews for its products and many people love their TVs. 

When you purchase a television from them, they will also give you an extended warranty which lasts up to three years.

This way, if you have any problems with the TV for some reason in that time period after purchase, they will take care of it at no cost to you. 

Another thing I like about Samsung TVs is how easy and convenient their remote control interface is. 

It’s so simple and easy to use, even your grandparents could figure out how it works!

I also love their Smart Hub feature because it gives me access to my favorite apps right on my screen without having a bunch of different devices hooked up which can make things really cluttered sometimes.

Especially when there are lots of remotes around (which we all know happens). 

And finally, one more pro about this brand: most people say that Samsung TVs last a really long time and don’t have a lot of problems.

So there you go, those are some reasons why I think Samsung is the best TV brand out there! 


We’re living in an age of high-definition visuals.

So there’s no question as to why so many people have made upgrading from their old tube televisions one of their New Year resolutions

However, with such fierce competition from upstarts like TCL and Sony (not to mention its Korean rival), Samsung faces stiffer competition than ever before when it comes to defending its standing as the world’s number one TV manufacturer.

While it is true that Samsung offers a slimmer design and wider viewing angles, not only do LG TVs provide better contrast ratios (and thus more vibrant colors), but they also offer superior sound quality when compared with their Korean counterpart. 

Finally, while both sets offer connectivity options ranging from Smart capabilities to support for popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, LG remains ahead of the curve in this area by offering built-in web browsers which allow you to surf your favorite sites right on your television set itself! 

This makes it perfect for those who want an all-inclusive media experience without having to buy additional devices.

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