8 Amazing Smart TV Features in Kenya

8 Amazing Smart TV Features in Kenya

Last updated on October 16th, 2023 at 01:48 pm

In this article, I will walk you through smart TV features in Kenya.

But first what is a smart TV in Kenya?

A smart TV is any television with internet connectivity and some degree of computer intelligence. 

The term “smart” in this context, refers to the integration with other devices like smartphones or tablets that can be used as remotes for your TV set. 

This means you could use a smartphone app to turn on your TV from bed without having to get up and walk over there! 

Some newer TVs have their own remote apps which allow you to control what’s playing on the screen even if it has an integrated physical controller. 

In addition, most new-age smart TVs come equipped with streaming services – Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, etc.

So all those channels are just one click away instead of hunting through hundreds of cable channel listings looking for something worthy.

Here are some of the smart TV features

1). Voice control 

Voice command is really cool, and a lot of people will love it. 

To use voice control on your smart TV you simply press the microphone button on the remote control and speak –  for example, “NETFLIX” or “MOVIES”. 

The built-in mic picks up what you say so there’s no need to shout like with some home theater systems. 

That may sound simple but when we actually tried it out we found that most smart TVs in Kenya require quite precise pronunciation because spellings vary by manufacturer (Vizio vs Vizion). 

And unfortunately, if an app doesn’t support your language then this won’t work either.

So be sure to check before buying any new services from the market.

2). Watch YouTube 

YouTube TV App is now available for streaming live news, sports, and more right to your TV screen.

You can watch it at home or away from home. 

The app also comes with a YouTube Kids subscription which provides ad-free content for kids ages 13+.

3). Google Play Movies & TV

These are included in your Google Home purchase.

Now you can stream all the content that’s installed on your home theater (TV) or stream from another device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone onto your HDTV with Chromecast built-in. 

All without having to move around cables at home!

4). Stream Movies

Netflix lets you subscribe to unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies. Watch what you want, when it’s available. 

No need for an expensive cable bill! 

5). Casting

Watch what you want on your phone, tablet, or computer.

From the comfort of your couch.  

6). TV Channels

Get all your favorite local networks as well as apps like Netflix that give you access to their complete library of movies and shows. 

Goodbye cable bill!

7). Built-in web browser

This may not be as clear-cut of a feature, but it is worth mentioning. 

A lot of older TVs don’t have the capability to connect your devices wirelessly and stream content from them without an adapter or third-party device. 

You won’t need any additional equipment if you get one with built-in internet capabilities – just enter your wireless network password and start watching!

8). Multi-user sign in

Another one of the best Smart TVs features in Kenya is that they allow multiple users without any problems by sharing internet access between all of them. 

This means anyone who’s watching TV can watch what he wants when he wants since everyone has his own time while enjoying the same content.

Other smart TV features in Kenya;

  • Instant access to live TV channels from your cable provider or antenna. This means you don’t have to spend time searching through the guide for what’s on, just hit a button and go straight there! 
  • Integrated social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. so you can keep up with friends without switching between screens and devices. (And of course, watch their videos as well!)
  • You can even play games on your phone with just an HDMI cable!

What To Consider When Buying A Smart Tv In Kenya

a). Display size, screen type, and resolution

These are three of the most important features to consider when buying a TV in Kenya. 

The display size determines how big your picture will be on the screen so it needs to match your distance from the TV. 

You also need to choose between a flat or curved TV with either an LED or LCD display. 

Finally, you should know that higher resolutions mean better image quality.

But they come at a cost in energy consumption as well as production costs for manufacturers (which can lead to higher prices).

b). Smart TV functionality

Smart TVs in Kenya have many different functions including streaming apps such as Netflix and HBO NOW

This allows you to stream content without needing additional hardware like Chromecast or AppleTV.

Web browsers enable browsing websites such as Facebook; and voice control which allows you to use your TV for tasks such as controlling the lights.

TVs with this built-in can come in handy for those who are visually impaired or if one wishes to use the TV as a smart speaker.

d). Smart home features

There is also a feature called “remote mirroring” which allows you to view what’s on your phone screen on the TV.

This is perfect for watching Netflix while using apps like Facebook and Instagram.

e). TVs with USB ports

For those who have a large library of movies and TV shows, the ability to connect an external hard drive or memory card reader can come in handy.

In conclusion, there are many features that make smart TVs stand out from their more traditional counterparts. 

One might find they need one type over another depending on personal needs.

But it’s always best to do research smart TV features in Kenya ahead of time so you know what options will work best for your individual situation.

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