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What To Ask Before Buying A Smart Tv In Kenya

What To Ask Before Buying A Smart Tv In Kenya

Last updated on August 7th, 2022 at 06:08 pm

In this blog post, we will be discussing the questions you should ask before buying a smart TV in Kenya.

What types of connections does this product have? 

The first question to ask is what type of connection this device has. 

You want to know if there are any ports available for connecting it with other devices, such as gaming consoles or DVD players. 

The more options your TV has, the better! If not, then that’s something else you’ll need to buy.

What picture quality do I get from a high-definition display?  

This one may sound silly and obvious but in order to assess whether or not a television meets your needs correctly, they must meet two requirements – resolution and screen size (picture). 

Knowing these specifications can help gauge how much you’ll need to spend on the TV.

How many HDMI ports does this model have?  

This is a crucial question because most smart TVs in Kenya only come with one or two, and if you want your new purchase to be able to connect with other devices then it’s highly likely that those will be needed too.

Does this TV include smart features like WiFi access or voice command compatibility? 

You should also ask how easy it is for these types of connections to work – some may require an extra monthly service fee while others can do everything without any additional costs associated in the long run.

What type of warranty coverage am I getting from this company when I buy their products?

Warranties are essential for all electronics purchases but they’re especially important when it comes to smart TVs in Kenya.

What is included in the warranty: one year or two years? Is there anything else that can be purchased for an extra fee to make this product better suit my needs (i.e., extended warranties)? 

Does the company have customer service or a retail location? 

It might be frustrating if you can’t get help with your new TV when it doesn’t work correctly. 

You’ll want to know how quickly they offer assistance and whether there is a physical place where you can go for support in person (or even someone who will come out).

When do I need to purchase internet connection services from my provider or phone carrier if this product does not include WiFi access? 

This question should answer what type of other devices, like an antenna, that you may need separately – and at what cost. 

The savings on the price of your television could be eaten up by fees for additional items instead so keep these factors in mind before making any final decisions.

How does the manufacturer intend for me to use this product? 

This question will help you determine what kind of service, from streaming a video or music to watching TV with cable, that it’s best suited for and how much bandwidth is needed. 

It can also answer whether your home has enough space and protection from wireless interference like radio waves or microwaves so as not to disrupt other devices in your home – especially those whose health could be at risk if they’re exposed too long.

What content providers are supported by this device? 

Again, consider who these providers are supporting when it comes to accessing their media library (whether through a WiFi connection or an antenna) because you’ll want to know which ones work on different types of services without any glitches.

Does this device have any parental control features? 

The ability to see what your kids are watching is a great feature that could help you protect their media consumption habits, and even help them learn which content providers they like best without the worry of it being blocked because they’re not old enough yet.

Do I need an internet connection for this TV? 

Some will work better with an internet connection than others, but if there’s no way to connect then how do you get anything on-demand or live channels like ABC News? 

How is the picture quality of smart TVs different than regular HDTVs? 

Most major manufacturers use what’s known as LED backlighting which provides better contrast ratios and higher brightness levels. 

Some models may also be available that utilize OLED panels or QLED technology that can produce even more vivid colors and deeper blacks, though these tend to come at a much steeper price point.

What are the app and content offerings? 

Are they pre-installed or will I need to purchase them separately from an outside source? 

How much data does it use per month, especially when streaming videos online? Is there a hard drive included that can store downloaded shows for offline viewing on this device? 

How much did you pay for this particular TV set, including all taxes? 

Do you offer installation as well? 

And last but not least: do you have any specials going right now where if buy today, we’ll throw in a free Bluetooth soundbar or something like that?”

  • What about streaming services like Netflix or Hulu – can these be accessed without wifi as well?
  • Does it come pre-installed with any operating systems such as Android TV or Roku OS so customers don’t need a separate device to stream content from other providers like Netflix and YouTube? 
  • Is the TV supported with a wide range of apps? What about Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video?
  • Are you able to provide customer service over live chat on their website or through social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.? Do they have a phone number available where I can speak with someone directly if needed? 
  • Are all of my favorite channels available in their channel lineup no matter which package I sign up with (i.e., CBS, NBC, ABC)? Do they offer premium channels like HBO at an additional cost as well? If so, what is the price range for these monthly additions to my subscription plan?”
  • Does it have a built-in DVD player or Blu-Ray Player so I can watch movies and play games on my own terms instead of waiting for them to show up on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu? 

The Best Smart TV in Kenya

It’s hard to say because every customer has different needs when shopping around for their next television set purchase but here are some things worth considering before you buy.

  • How big is your living room? A 65″ TV will be too large for a small apartment but not ideal in an open, loft-style space. 
  • What’s your budget? You can find great TVs at any price point and it’s worth shopping around to see what different features might suit you best within the range of your budget (i.e., this model has a lot of smart functions and comes with all the bells and whistles, or something similar). 
  • Do you want streaming services built-in like Netflix or Hulu+? That may affect which brand to select from because some manufacturers may exclude them while others offer special bundled deals with promotional pricing on certain bundles depending on whether they’re included as part of the package. 

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